Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fast, Fast Art

 Things used for this project...
2- Canvas board (any size)
1-Stamp Pad
1- Wood glue/mod pogde
1- foam brush
2- cute paper

Start with the wood glue/mod pogde putting it on the canvas size. wrapping the paper all the way around the sides. Added the stamp pad as little or as much as you like. If you would like you can rip some places for a more vintange look. You can add buttons or flowers too. I am going to hang these in my bathroom that is all Paris:)
What I love so much is these are so easy to hang you only need one nail or some sticky tape. I like the nail more it holds better. Way cute in childrens rooms or if you are staging a home. Enjoy

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fast, Simple, Easy

Ok I can't take full credit for this project
I saw it at all my sister-in-laws houses
and loved it so much....

Items used.
2-foam sheets (anycolor I like black looks clean)
- adheasive

 Start off with your foam sheets easy enough
 add two-three pictures
 Add the pictures with the adhesive... I like tape on the best
Waala.... You have a cute new updated look. You can do like 20 pictures with out the vinyl letter and that looks great too..

Cost of project
2- foam sheets $1.98
1-adhesive 3.99
5- Printed Pictures 1.10
Grand total: 7.07
Total Time: 15 Minutes WITH vinyl

Thursday, March 24, 2011

fun nativity

Things for this project...
- Pinecones
- platic forks
-old towels
-small box
-old candle holder
- glue gun
I used big pine cones and just put an old towel around the top and glued it together. then glue string to the top. wrap the smallest pinecone in an old towl and glue it. glue the forks into the star pincone...

Pretty easy and fast.. may have few issues getting the glue to stick with the pinecones. just keep it up

You should have all these things around your house.
Have fun!!!

Fun, Funky, Fabulous letters...

 Tools used for this project.... also this project can be used for kids or like the letter of your last name. D (for dahl).
-1 can of spray paints
-1 thick poster board, foam, (the thicker the more dimention)
-Colored paint for the sport your want. (if doing on for your last name a glued on flower could look really cute!!)
-1 stamp pad any color that look cute with the spray paint color
- exacto knife

Take your board/foam use your exacto knife and cut out the shape/letter you want... cut out the ball of whatever fun things they kids like. Spray paint it let it dry totally. then do your stamp pad just around the edges. (rustic look)

Have fun with colors and do new things. do be affraid to branch out and try this

What was spent...
- $5.99 for board/foam
- $5.39 for small can of spray paint
- $2.10 for stamp pad
- $3.00 for paint for balls
took me a total of 40 minutes

New Room...

 Things you need for this easy classy project!
- Glue gun
-3 large fake flowers from store usually run about 2-7 dollars. (large go a longer way then small
- 1you can get the cheap ones because you are going to cover it up anyway.
-Any ribbin, string, yarn to hang off of
-1 small picture hanging nail
I started with a straw wreath already wrapped in plastic wrap. I put a brown ribbin around it  but you can use any colors.

Adding flowers ramdomly around to give dimention and different colors. It is always fun to add a small accent color in there for the pop/wow factor.

You do not need the vinyl but i think it makes it just look so cute. after added all the flowers in the places i think look eye catching. then you can either put the ribbin around it of through the flowers of a big bow on top. It's just personal preference. I used a vase that was around the house added a few flowers in it. This is a very easy fast project.

money spent.....
.. $13 for flower
.. $2.99 for wreath
..$3.99 for ribbin
.. $.50 for glue
..$ .10 for nail................. $20.58